Every session is a new adventure! Girls use science and art in fun ways to create, ideate and connect with other girls with no constraints of should or should not.


We offer unique opportunities for girls to create, ideate and connect with other girls through STEAM-basedprojects that inspire their imagination. And along the way, they have loads of fun! Because eachnew week brings new experiences and a new sense of discovery. In one session, they could discover their superheropowers to solve every day problems and in the next, they could be designing their very own fashion label.

By being in an environment with no gender comparisons or biases, they feel free to take risks, fail and succeed without expectations, and build the confidence to explore their interests. This unrestricted, judgement-free exploration helps girls lead their own way to expressing their true individuality.

 Through the lens of these experiences, they get exposed to new concepts, learn to challenge themselves (and each other), explore problems in ways they might not have before and understand the benefits of supporting each other’s ideas. They develop positive reaffirmation through their own achievements, while also recognizing the contributions of their peers. They build bonds based on empathy, strengthen their social, emotional skills and realize the amazingpower of the girl collective.

They know how great it feels to un-tap the power of their “I” and how fulfillingit is to fuel the collective power of the “she”.