We believe girls can develop the life skills essential for their long-term success through STEAM experiences rooted in critical thinking, risk taking, collaboration and reflection.


We know that it is more important than ever to prepare our girls with the 7 life skills that researchers have identified as being critical to increase the odds of our youth’s success: Positive self-concept, Self-control, Higher order thinking skills, Social skills, Communication, Empathy, and Goal orientation.

We believe that engaging girls in STEAM-based learning provides a tangible framework for the development of these skills because it promotes critical thinking, risk-taking, reflection and collaboration. Over time, it also results in higher self-awareness of their individual abilities and strengths, giving them the confidence they need in their everyday lives and beyond.

So we have created a program that combines science with art to deliver unique experiences through which girls learn to become problem solvers, innovators, team players, leaders – while breaking down the barriers that limit them from discovering their true potential.

Because we believe a girl shouldn’t view herself just through the lens of being ‘a girl’. She needs to connect with the intrinsic power, confidence and capability packed into her capital letter ‘I’.