We are a partner for parents seeking to raise daughters with the confidence, skills and abilities needed to conquer life’s challenges with self-efficacy.


The Girl and I provides a real, tangible forum for our daughters to enhance their potential. At the onset, our curriculum breaks down the gender stereotypical barriers associated with learning STEAM concepts. Our multi-disciplinary curriculum presents problem solving through fun and engaging projects, and our bias-free nurturing environment encourages girls to explore, engage and challenge themselves. But more importantly, the value of our curriculum lies in our ability to leverage the STEAM framework to instill higher order life skills in our daughters – skills that help them be successful in everyday situations and beyond.

Parents who are often grappling with social, cultural and economic themes around female empowerment, gender pay gap, work place discrimination, gender biases, role stereotypes, etc. recognize how important it is for us to start instilling self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem in our girls from an early age. Our program is their partner in ensuring girls aren’t limited by barriers that are either self-created or imposed on them by society. Together, we are raising girls with the confidence and the awareness of the capability packed into their capital letter “I”.